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“Neet want job” for professional development and job search

“Neet want job” is a responsive portal for vocational training and the recruitment of young individuals. The solution has been developed through international collaboration in four language versions.

The portal is designed for the registration of both employees and employers, with a login feature that allows users to, among other things, submit files and promotional materials, publish and respond to job advertisements, and assign or accept seasonal jobs based on location.

It offers significant adaptability for various industries and environments. The implementation is on a dedicated server, utilizing MySQL and JavaScript technologies.

Web Platform “EatWise”
“EatWise” is an advanced web platform created for the community of health and culinary enthusiasts. It functions as a central hub for exchanging information about recipes while also allowing the creation of personalized dishes.

EatWise is not only a space for sharing recipes but also a community hub that integrates people around a shared passion for healthy cooking and exploring the culinary world.

It features a dedicated server, cloud-based data storage, and utilizes technologies such as React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and MySQL.

neet apk mock
Mobile Application for the
“Neet want job” Platform

The mobile application serves as an extension of the web platform, tailored to the needs of users utilizing devices with the Android operating system. Optimized for ease of use and mobility, it allows users full access to the platform’s features regardless of location and time.

Web Application “IceCream”

The professional web application for an ice cream shop is a comprehensive tool that not only allows for placing orders online but also effectively promotes the brand through an intuitive user interface.

It enables customers to browse information about ingredients, current promotions, and new items.

Implemented on a dedicated server, using React.js and Node.js technologies.

Web Application “PiggyBank”

Our innovative application serves as an excellent solution for children and young people, supporting them in learning planning, financial management, and expense control. Designed with the aim of developing key life skills, the application offers an interactive and educational learning experience tailored to the needs of the younger generation.

Our application is not just a financial management tool but also a collaborative educational program that helps young people acquire the necessary skills for effective financial stewardship.

Implemented on a dedicated server, with cloud-based data storage, using React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and MySQL technologies.

Web Platform “TechStudio”

TechStudio is a modern, responsive website with a straightforward design that provides users with quick and easy access to content. The minimalist design, which is both aesthetic and user-friendly, has been carefully crafted to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

Hosted on a dedicated server, it utilizes HTML, CSS, and JS technologies.